Mukilteo Community Information

Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the open spaces and low, rolling hills of the Mukilteo region. The amazing landscapes are prime locations for camping, shore fishing, birding and wildlife viewing. Mukilteo State Park and Whidbey Island State Park offer these activities and more. Mukilteo State Park consists of 17 acres of hilly land along Puget Sound. Visitors enjoy the park’s saltwater shoreline, large picnic facility and educational displays. Just outside of the park, one can take a ferry across the Sound to Whidbey Island.

South Whidbey Island State Park’s 347 acres of lush forest and tidelands is a very popular camping destination. The campsites, separated by undergrowth, are relatively private, and some sections of the saltwater shoreline are perfect for crabbing and clamming. Located on Admiralty Inlet, the site offers beautiful views of Puget Sound and nearby mountains.

The Mukilteo Lighthouse is probably the best known attraction of Mukilteo. Construction of the station began in 1905 and the lighthouse was in operation by March of 1906, using an oil lamp for illumination. The oil lamp was replaced with an electric light in 1927. The facility differs from most lighthouses in its construction. The Victorian structure has a wood frame, rather than concrete or stone. Today, the facility is still operated by the U.S. Coast Guard, while the Mukilteo Historical Society is in charge of its preservation. The lighthouse gift shop and historical displays are located on site, in one of the buildings next to the lighthouse.

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